Customer Service

Customer Service was one of the first fields to incorporate VA’s on a large scale.
Think about it.
Your customers aren’t interacting with you in person, so you don’t need an in-house customer executive either.
Also, as most customer service interactions are largely centered on addressing concerns that can be answered easily from a manual, you don’t need a high level of expertise here. Of course, if your VA’s can’t handle an issue, it can always be escalated to a full-time employee.
Your VAs just has to spend a reasonable amount of time going over what it is that you offer and they’ll be prepared to answer any questions about it.
It’s the perfect fit!


Nurture Your Leads

If a lead contacts you, they expect to hear from you.
A follow-up system is crucial to lead conversion. Quite often prospective clients are not ready to move forward immediately. If you’re focusing only on those new leads, you’re only going to close a few percent of available deals. That will make you enough money to get by, but your goal is capturing all prospects that knock on your door. You’ve got to follow up to get to those; you’ve got to build that pipeline to get to those clients.
Be the agent that’s always there and you’ll always be ahead the herd.


Sales Calls

Our VA’s will call on any list you provide with any script you have. We can custom tailor a script for you if you like. We will dive into your CRM and make sure that everyone is attended to and your prospects are communicated with on a regular basis. We can set appointments, pre-qualify prospects and gather any information you desire.