Administrative, Receptionist and Office Assistance

You can hire virtual assistants to do… Just about anything.


Administrative Work

You can hire virtual assistants to be…
They can take over all the business duties that a typical administrative assistant does.
That entails:
  • Diary management – Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Answering phone calls
  • Basic data entry
  • Organizing your to-do list and calendar
  • Booking travel arrangements
Basically, anything that an administrative assistant usually does.
The only difference here is that an administrative assistant doesn’t have a desk in the front of your office.
Apart from that – it’s pretty much the same thing as a typical administrative assistant.


Personal Tasks

You can always hire a VA to help out with tasks in your personal life as well.
Here are a few examples:
  • Organizing your personal to-do list and calendar
  • Booking travel arrangements for weekend trips or vacations.
  • Helping you make purchases – gifts, books, stationary, hardware and perhaps even clothes!
As a lot of these tasks don’t need to be done by someone in-person, they can easily be outsourced to a VA instead.


Email Management

We’ve all been there.
Opened our inbox to see an army of unopened emails staring at you.
Most of us have a never ending amount of emails that we just don’t have time to read much less respond.
Responding to all those emails can be Herculean task. But it needs to be done – if you just leave this repetitive work as it is, you’d be in trouble.
That’s why a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs outsource this to VAs now:
  • They can sift through all your mail to weed out any spam that’s crept in
  • They can answer job inquiries, general questions and follow-ups
  • They can organize and filter your inbox
  • They can carry out email marketing campaigns and manage email lists
The result?
Your email channel is still fully functional – without you having to do anything about it.



Research is a core part of any company’s growth strategy.
Without some sound insights, you’ll never know how to grow.
However, a business owner can’t spend hours on research while still trying to run a small business.
When it comes to research, you need a dedicated person whose natural language is data crunching.
They should be able to:
  • Keep track of competitors’ products and services
  • Analyze consumer trends
  • Find formats for press releases
  • Screen applications for an affiliate program
That’s a lot of research!
That’s why assigning it to someone in your team who already has other duties isn’t a great idea.
It’ll most likely be overwhelming for those team members.
That’s why small business and even large corporations are turning to VAs for research.
As they don’t have any other duties – they can stay focused on solely gathering and analyzing data to help your company.