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People use Virtual Assistants to achieve a wide variety of real estate objectives, but there are a few that stand out. I like to put them into one of three buckets (and the best cases hit all 3):

1. Save Money: VA’s are 60% – 80% cheaper than hiring locally for the same work.

2. Save Time: VA’s free you & your local staff’s time to focus on more important work. 

3. Grow Your Business: VA’s can be used for marketing & lead generation grunt work. 

While there are a whole list of hidden benefits to working with Virtual Assistants, at the end of the day these Three Goals are pretty much all you need to remember. Think of it this way: for every Virtual Assistant task you consider, as long as you keep track of how much money or time you’re saving, or how much it’s measurably able to grow your business, you will know you’re on the right track to achieving your primary Virtual Assistant goals.