How much does a professional assistant cost? *

Typical Rates Charged by Virtual Assistants*

Type of Virtual Assistant


Average  Hourly Rate

Administrative Professional/Data Entry VA
Proofreading, data entry, clerical work, research, Excel, etc.
Marketing VA/Customer Service/Accounting Support
Copywriting, budgets/accounting, marketing support, customer support, CRM software experience, email marketing, social media marketing; software like PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Salesforce, WordPress, etc.
Advanced VA/Consultant
Executive Assistant
Business consulting, content management, project management, advanced IT/site management, web development, and server management

*Reflect rates of Office Assistance in North America.

Do the assistants have great communication skills?

Our virtual assistants are part of a very diverse team. When you sign up you will be asked the skills you require your assistants to have. This way we can find a great match for you. Most of our assistants have experience in sales, marketing, social media, etc.


How do I communicate with my assistant?

Your dedicated virtual assistant can be contacted via phone, email, Skype, SMS or any other form of communication you prefer.


Can they make phone calls to the US?

Yes, we use Google Voice or any VOIP service you have subscribed to.


Are the assistants fluent in English (no accent)?

Our assistants are fluent in English with little to no accent.


What is their education level?

Your dedicated virtual assistant has a high school degree at the minimum and different backgrounds such as marketing, finance, business, sales, customer service, etc.


Are they familiar with the US culture?

Yes, absolutely. We have an Americanized culture and are 100% familiar with U.S. Culture. Additionally, most of our VA’s have either studied or lived in the U.S.


What happens if my VA uses my credit card inappropriately?

This has never happened in all our years in service. Our VA’s never have access to credit card information.


How do you track time?

We prefer not to track hours, but progress. We can send you a weekly report on all the time dedicated to your tasks.


What happens if I need more hours?

Just contact us and we will give you the option to upgrade your plan.


I might upgrade to full time in the following months, will my assistant be available?

We will do our best to arrange your assistant’s workload to make sure she is available for you. But we cannot guarantee this as your assistant might have other clients.


Is the quality of the phone line always good?

Our phone systems are Voice Over IP (VOIP) and we make sure all the assistants have a great internet connection to assure the quality of your calls.


Are there any hidden or additional costs in hiring your virtual assistants?

No. Your monthly fee covers the employee’s salary, benefits, vacation time, office space and equipment. Bonus’s are encouraged.


What type of programs can the assistant use?

Our dedicated virtual assistants have different backgrounds. All of the assistants have experience using Microsoft Office and most are proficient in CRMs such as Basecamp, Infusionsoft, Zendesk, Vulcan7, Top Producer, MOJO Sells, etc. Depending on your requirements, we are always able to train on software we are not familiar with.


Is there a contract?

No. You are billed monthly in advance. There is no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind. Once you cancel, you will not be billed anymore. Please see Terms and Conditions.